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BIBCO Funnel Membership

A BIBCO funnel is a group of libraries that have joined together to contribute PCC RDA BIBCO Standard Records to the utilities, and to enrich existing PCC records by adding access points, subject headings or classification numbers from a different scheme, and much more.
BIBCO funnels may be based on similarities among libraries for example:

  • Based on subject area, e.g., Hebraica BIBCO Funnel
  • Based on location, e.g., New Jersey BIBCO Funnel
  • Based on membership in a consortium e.g., Music BIBCO Funnel based on Music Library Association

In some ways funnel projects are mini-BIBCO operations in that they recruit, train, and review just as PCC trainer does for single institution participants.
To join an existing BIBCO funnel, please submit BIBCO application form.   
To establish a new BIBCO funnel, please contact BIBCO coordinator.

Read the BIBCO Funnel FAQ

For further information about BIBCO membership, please contact BIBCO Coordinator.

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