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Course Summary

Training is generally conducted using an online webinar that provides new BIBCO participants with an overview of the program and prepares them to contribute BIBCO program records for monographic materials in various formats to shared databases. It identifies the elements of the BIBCO Standard Record (BSR), presenting a floor-level record model with options to add elements to create a record that fits the particular resource and satisfies local cataloging policy.

BIBCO Training Prerequisites

Participants receiving BIBCO training should already be experienced in using recognized descriptive and subject cataloging standards. In addition, they should already be skilled in preparing name authority records for the NACO program. The training documentation does not include basic teaching of cataloging rules or rules in preparing authority records. However, it is expected that during the training some questions about specific use of a rule might need to be addressed by the trainer.

Learning Objectives—At the end of this course, participants will be able to: 

  1. Understand BIBCO program parameters
  2. Access required BIBCO documentation
  3. Identify the characteristics of a BIBCO Standard Record (BSR)
  4. Understand policies and practices for creating new BSRs and modifying existing non-BIBCO and BIBCO records
  5. Understand the BIBCO record review process

Record Review Follows Training

After training, the catalogers at the institution will prepare a designated number of bibliographic records to be reviewed by the trainer. Only after a successful review is completed for all the catalogers will the institution be released for its catalogers to prepare BSRs on their own.