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Final agenda (April 26, 2002)

List of attendees (PDF, 54KB) [* = Discussion document to be brought to meeting; · = background document; not necessary to bring]

May 1: Serials training

8:30-9:00 Coffee
9:00-9:30 Welcome, introductions, and updates (Hirons, Bremer, Glazier)
9:30-12:00 A. Training: changes to AACR2 2001 and 2002 amendments as they apply to serials (including LCRIs, CONSER Cataloging Manual revision, NLC policies)

A1. Definitions, scope, sources (Les Hawkins)


A2. Description (Jean Hirons)

12:00-1:30 Lunch
A. Training continued

A3. Major and minor changes (Regina Reynolds) {·Doc. A3. CCM Mod. 16}

2:30-3:15 B. Discussion paper: electronic serials that don't retain earlier titles {*Doc. B Discussion paper}(PDF, 441 KB)
3:15-3:30 Break
3:30-4:15 C. CONSER PURL Pilot(Valerie Bross) {*Doc. C. Final report}(PDF, 719 KB)
  Report on activities and successes, problems, etc.
  Discussion by participants
  Next steps
4:15-5:00 D. CEG issues

D1. 7XX Linking fields, implementing subfield $i {*Doc. D1}(PDF, 62 KB)

D2. URIs in Fields 856 and 5XX {*Doc. D2}(PDF, 69 KB)

D3. 321 frequency varies notes {*Doc. D3}(PDF, 58 KB)

D4. 042 xlc {*Doc. D4}(PDF, 50 KB)

D5. 210 abbreviations {*Doc. D5}(PDF, 55 KB)

D6. 510 fields {*Doc. D6}(PDF, 83 KB)

May 2nd Joint Meeting with BIBCO BIBCO agenda
May 3rd CONSER discussion topics
9:00-11:00 E. Electronic serials issues

E1 Implementing LCRI 1.11a {· Doc. E1a Discussion paper on the Use of LCRI 1.11a for electronic reproductions} (PDF, 85 KB)

Form of original item code 's' {*Doc. E1b. Draft CEG pages}(PDF, 99 KB)


E2. Cataloging aggregations and packages

Assessing the current status of cataloging

Discussion: Proposal to use a single record for the online serial {Naomi Young, Regina Reynolds} {*Doc. E2} (external link)


E3. Expression level cataloging and displays for multiple manifestations (Jean Hirons and Everett Allgood)

Doc. E3.a Displays for multiple versions from MARC 21 and FRBR; * Doc. E3.b. Serial examples}(PDF, 91 KB)


E4. Serial vendors and aggregations

Activities of the Standing Committee on Automation (Gary Charbonneau)

Interacting with aggregators and vendors who offer solutions (e.g., TDNet, Serials Solutions, etc.)

CONSER's role?

NSDP's role?

CONSER At Large agenda?

11:00-12:00 F. Publication pattern issues

F 1. Pilot conclusion and next steps; review of survey results (Jean Hirons) {· Doc. F1a and F1b. Survey results}


F2. Discussion on universal holdings record and universal data (Ruth Haas and Frieda Rosenberg) {·Doc. F2. Statement of universal holdings record functionality (Hillmann/Rappoport}

12:00-1:30 Lunch
1:30-3:00 G. Follow up from January 2002 At Large discussion (Hirons and others) {·Doc. G Summary of At Large meeting}

G 1. OPAC displays of major changes and links (new SCA task force?)


G2. Discussion on 022 field for print and electronic ISSN (Regina Reynolds)


G 3. Assessing and improving maintenance

  H. Strategic planning issues {·Doc. H 1 PCC Strategic Plan; (PDF, KB) ·Doc. H 2 PCC Tactical Plan}(PDF, KB)

H1. Membership reassessment


H2. Other items from PCC tactical plan


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