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ALA Midwinter, San Diego
Sunday January 11, 8:00-9:30 am.
US Grant Hotel, Grand Ballroom A


1) Welcome (Carlen Ruschoff)

Report from CONSER Coordinator (Les Hawkins)
Changes in membership structure

2) Task Force and other Reports (20 minutes)

Linking Entry Task Force report (Frieda Rosenberg)
FRBR Task Force report (Everett Allgood)

3) Aggregator neutral record (20 minutes)

OCLC clean-up report (Robert Bremer)
General discussion of how things are going (Les/All)
Next steps coordination of packages? (Les)

4) Brainstorming for CONSER summit (Bob Wolven and Jean Hirons) (40 minutes)

Bob and Jean will lead discussion on the type of data we need in bibliographic records in the digital environment. What kind of data do we record now, that is not so useful; what don't we record now that is needed in the digital environment?

Wrap-up/summary (Les)

Note: This is a bring your own coffee event

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