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The Task Force on coverage in the CONSER database was formed in 2004 to examine the need to provide fuller coverage of e-serial titles in aggregator packages. In 2005 OCLC offered to work with CONSER to authenticate e-serial records created as part of the eSerials Holdings Pilot. These records were created based on existing CONSER and non-CONSER records. CONSER discussed these two categories as candidates for authentication and were more comfortable with the group created based on CONSER records. Authentication of the records will begin spring 2006.

Charge The task group will monitor the authentication of the CONSER print records, through sampling or through review of various categories of known problem records (e.g. use of records created based on pre-2002 AACR2 title change rules). The sampling and/or review will identify problem areas either with the authentication process or with records themselves. The group should:

  • document certain categories of known problem records
  • make recommendations on how other CONSER catalogers should handle these problems when encountered
  • make recommendations for authenticating the records created based on the non-CONSER records
  • offer any other observations they wish including any possible impact on subscribers to the CONSER file of adding these records

Timeline Work on authentication will begin spring 2006. An update will be given at the CONSER operations meeting, April 27, 2006.

Robert Bremer
James Castrataro
Charlene Chou
Les Hawkins (ex officio)
John Levy
Jim Latchney
Steve Shadle (Co-chair)
Adolfo R. Tarango (Co-chair)
Naomi Young

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