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Summary of the Task Force meeting at ALA Midwinter Conference held Jan. 9, 2004, and other FRBR-related news from the conference

Present: Everett Allgood, Ed Jones, Ann Sitkin, Valerie Bross, Naomi Young, Regina Reynolds, John Attig, Carroll Nelson Davis, John Espley, Robert Bremer.

Guests: Jennifer Bowen, Paul Weiss, Les Hawkins

1. Discussion of the IFLA Final Draft Statement of International Cataloging Principles

Carroll Nelson Davis noted one of the recurring challenges for this FRBR Task Force has been how to define a serial "Work" within the Successive-Entry cataloging model?
Carroll mentioned a parallel outlined in the IFLA Draft Guidelines (Section 5.4.2) in the discussion of authority headings for corporate bodies that change names through time.

From the perspective of individual institutions, serials are often as much a treatment decision as they are a form of issuance.

John A. mentioned the need for catalogers to examine and consider entities at both the bibliographic and the holdings level.

ACTION: The CONSER FRBR Task Force should read and discuss this report carefully.

2. Discussion of the two draft communications the CONSER FRBR Task Force will forward to Patrick Le Boeuf's IFLA FRBR Review Group

"Serial expressions and works" and "Attributes of a serial expression"

ACTION: Ed Jones will revise and send to the Task Force for review before submitting to the IFLA Group.

3. Update from the IFLA Working Group on FRBR & Continuing Resources - R. Reynolds

Two primary initiatives:

Comment on the FRBR model

Provide input to the ISSN Revision Working Group

Currently considering revision of the ISSN to represent a base ISSN with manifestation identifiers appended as necessary

Three categories of materials: serials; integrating resources; online newspapers

Will also consider questions of access - how do users come to these resources?

There remains hope of implementing the International Standard Serials Title (ISST)

Some questions: Will changes/revisions to the ISSN mean changes to how NSDP assigns key titles?

The IFLA Working Group on FRBR & Continuing Resources will hold their first meeting in Paris in late January.

4. Report from the JSC Format Variation Working Group - J. Bowen

Currently two simultaneous efforts by the FVWG:

Chapter 25 rule revisions

Will have the first set of proposals to CC:DA by Feb. 9 (CC:DA comments due to the JSC by Mar. 22)

Any revisions to cataloging codes and the rules will only work prospectively, though there is some hope that systems may be able to massage data within older records someday.

Deconstructing the GMD and the Mode of Expression

Jennifer mentioned that libraries in the rest of the world are far ahead of the U.S. in terms of interest and implementations of FRBR

5. CC:DA Task Force on Rule 21.OD - J. Bowen

Jennifer will be presenting the recommendations of this TF to CC:DA Monday morning. In light of the importance of displaying relationships within OPACs, it is the recommendation of this TF that catalogers use relator codes within records more rigorously and systematically.

Note: At Monday morning's meeting, CC:DA approved this recommendation to go forward to the Joint Steering Committee.

6. Miscellaneous

ACTION: John Espley at VTLS will play around with FRBR versions of the two titles "Books in print" and "Atlantic monthly" based on the group's discussions.

Frieda Rosenberg of UNC-Chapel Hill has been working on a paper addressing a FRBR approach to serial holdings records, and specifically, the publication history of a given title. She forwarded it to me just before Midwinter. I gave her a bit of feedback and she is now revising the paper.

ACTION: Everett will forward Frieda's revised draft of this paper to the FRBR Task Force for discussion.

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