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The purpose of this Task Group is to investigate use of URIs in CONSER records and the types of resources they are used for. The group will

  • Make recommendations for recording URLs on CONSER records.
  • Explore the Summit recommendation that CONSER accommodate OpenURL linking in PCC records.
  • Examine the possibility of including DOI (with an appropriate ISSN as suffix) in CONSER records.
  • Give recommendations on the possibility of a CONSER repository model for some types of resources.


Over the past seven years, CONSER participants have gained experience in creating and maintaining 856 field links to online resources. This experience has been used to enhance CCM 31; it has informed development of the Aggregator Neutral record; and has led to cooperative ventures such as OCLC CONSER/PCC BibPURL. Now, CONSER Summit recommendation # 5 offers a further opportunity for us to re-evaluate URI linking mechanisms in CONSER records for continuing resources:

Explore ways of accommodating OpenURLs in the CONSER/PCC record.

CrossRef has expressed an interest in having publishers assign title level DOI to e-serials. Since DOIs can do multiple resolution and can feed a user from a registered institution back to the local resolver, there may be advantages for institutions in having a DOI on the national level record. DOI are also assigned and maintained by the publisher providing persistence.

One assumption the group should make is that CONSER will want an appropriate title level ISSN used as part of the suffix in a publisher assigned DOI. The ISSN Network is currently considering use of the ISSN as a title level identifier with different options for further identifying formats. It will be important that any guidelines for assigning DOI with an ISSN suffix are in synch with ISSN revision efforts. Some discussion has informally begun with CrossRef (between Ed Pentz and Regina, both members of the ISSN revision committee; earlier emails between Les and Ed Pentz).


  1. Consider the various options for URL-alternatives for freely-available and paid resources in CONSER records. Consider what we are doing now in CONSER records, the possibilities for accommodating OpenURLs, and the possibility of not including a URL on records for certain resources. What is recommended for:
    a. Free resources?
    b. Paid resources?
    c. Other resources cataloged by PCC libraries (e.g. integrating resources, monographic resources

  2. OpenURL vs. use of DOI in the CONSER record. Make recommendations for pursuing either of these avenues. Consider:

    a. What does it mean to accommodate OpenURL linking in CONSER/PCC records?
    b. Differences in OpenURL standards 0.1 and 1.0; non-UTF-8 diacritics or characters in OpenURLs
    c. Dynamics of CONSER, CrossRef, ISSN Network cooperation: how will the roles and policies of these organizations interact?
    d. How would we assure that the correct ISSN is used as part of the title level DOI?
    e. How will changed URLs be handled? Will the publisher reliably make these changes in its DOI registration or will there be a need to report changes to publishers?

  3. URLs in PCC records. Determine through survey or other methods the importance of accommodation of OpenURLs on other PCC program records.

  4. Consider exploring a repository approach for maintaining access for certain types of resources:
    a. Would OCLC be willing to establish a CONSER repository?
    b. Would we need buy-in from our selectors that they would obtain permission from e-publishers to archive their serials?

Resources Reading list

Time Frame for Work:

1. CONSER at Large: announcement of task group
2. June 2004-Jan. 2005:

  • Develop reading list, so we have shared understanding of the options & issues;
  • Work with Crossref re: DOI
  • Discussion/examination of questions listed under items 1 and 2.
  • Consider how 3 and 4 should be accomplished.
3. CONSER Midwinter 2005:
  • Progress report on 1-4
  • #2: Should have a written response to the questions
4. CONSER Operations meeting May 2005:
  • Progress report on 1-4
  • #3: Should have draft survey ready

Task force members

Valerie Bross (Chair) (UCLA) [email protected]
Ardie Bausenbach (LC) [email protected]
James Castrataro (Indiana U.) [email protected]
Becky Culbertson (UCSD) [email protected]
Renette Davis (U. of Chicago) [email protected]
Rick Fitzgerald (LC) [email protected]
Les Hawkins (CONSER Coordinator) [email protected]
Ed Pentz (as CrossRef representative or resource)
Regina Reynolds (NSDP) [email protected]
Steve Shadle (U. of Washington) [email protected]


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