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The Library of Congress > Cataloging, Acquisitions > PCC > CONSER > Publication Patterns Initiative > Meeting Agenda January 16, 2005

CONSER Publication Patterns Task Force

10:00 am-12:00 pm at Hilton Hotel, Lincoln Room

Welcome and introductions (Carlen Ruschoff )

Report (Les Hawkins LC)

OCLC MFHD implementation plans, discussions with OCLC (Frieda Rosenberg UNC, Cathy Kellum OCLC)

Update on ONIX for serials activities (Linda Miller LC)

Update from the Task Force on long-term storage:

  • recent vendor survey results
  • update on vendor meeting to be held Monday Jan. 16

Update on the: Survey on the Use of MARC21 Format for Serials Holdings

Data conducted this fall by Wen-ying Lu and Paul Moeller

Open discussion on Patterns and the format (John Hostage Harvard, all) Guidelines for input of Caption/Pattern and Holdings Data