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The Publication Patterns Initiative maintains the document: CONSER Guidelines For Input Of Caption/Pattern And Holdings Data. Appendix A of the Guidelines, Abbreviations for Captions, has been of interest to LC staff and other CONSER libraries not necessarily involved with the Patterns Initiative. There is interest in using and adding additional terms to the Appendix. Ideally, abbreviations found in the Appendix should be considered for addition to AACR2 Appendix B, Abbreviations. Some terms in the Patterns document are not official but all entries cite an authoritative source for the abbreviation.


This group will examine new abbreviations suggested for addition to the list. In doing so it will consider widening its coverage to include monograph related terms and submit proposals to for adding terms to Appendix B of AACR2. The group will keep the PCC Standing Committee on Standards updated on its activities.

Timeframe: Sept. 2004-on-going

Members (Chair to be determined)