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In 2000, CONSER initiated a pilot to add publication pattern data to CONSER records using an OCLC-define 891 field. With the successful completion of the pilot in June 2002, the addition of pattern data is now an ongoing aspect of the CONSER Program.

From the beginning, there has been general acceptance that pattern data, particularly that which is not most current, should not reside in the bibliographic record but should be readily accessible via that record. Most respondents to a survey conducted in spring 2002 favored an attached sub-record, while others favored a site on the Web with URL given in the CONSER record. (For further details, see survey results on CONSER Web site.) A separate task group is investigating the uses and function of a universal holdings record, which could be the vehicle for long-term storage. The focus of this task group will be to explore the technical aspects of creating such a record, such as data migration from the bibliographic record, relationship to local systems, distribution, and issues related to ownership of the data.


Explore and recommend a mechanism for long-term storage of publication pattern data and universal holdings that will take into account the following:

1. Current OCLC and RLIN database redesign
2. The relationship to the bibliographic record in regard to data migration, access to the data, and record distribution
3. Alternatives to a database solution (e.g., a Web site) as deemed appropriate
4. ILS uses of this data (e.g., ability to upload from ILS, or download to ILS)
5. The best placement for current pattern data and historic data.

Time frame: Interim report June 2003 to include suggested time table for final report.

Task Force on Long Term Storage Meeting at ALA

Task Force members

Amira Aaron, Harvard ([email protected])
Ted Fons, Innovative Interfaces, Inc. ([email protected])
Cathy Kellum, OCLC, Inc. ([email protected])
Jian Wang, Portland State University ([email protected])
Bob Allan, Penn State ([email protected])
Linda Miller, Library of Congress, chair ([email protected])
John Levy, Library of Congress ([email protected])
Ed Glazier, RLG ([email protected])
Les Hawkins, ex officio ([email protected])

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