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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Summary of the Pattern Task Force Meeting - Jan. 10, 2004

Carlen Ruschoff, University of Maryland, welcomed participants. Steve Shadle led a discussion on holdings information for e-serials. In the spring of 2003, a task force conducted a survey of librarians asking about holdings information and the management of electronic serials. The discussion was aimed at assessing how needs for e-serial holdings information may have changed since the original survey. The level of holdings information needed varies by the functions, for example, browsing issues on a Web site and retrieving articles through an openURL resolver require different levels of holdings information. The holdings provided in serials management systems are sometimes not accurate for a variety of reasons, sometimes information is out of date and confusion between print and electronic ISSN are problems.

Carlen wrapped up the meeting by leading a discussion on the future meetings of this group. There was general consensus that there was a need for a continuing group to provide basic information about the holdings format, ILS systems, and as a forum for related discussions. As an ALCTS Interest Group, the group could continue on its own by selecting an organizing committee responsible for scheduling the meetings and setting the agendas. The CONSER Coordinator would attend these meetings and they would be open to any interested party. Carlen collected names to begin the process of establishing the interest group.