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January 10, 2004 - CONSER Task Force on Publication Patterns and Holdings

Summary of the Pattern Workshop - January 11, 2004

Carlen Ruschoff chaired the meeting. Les Hawkins gave a brief update on the status of the program: six new members were added during 2003, and the numbers of patterns added to the database is holding steady.


General discussion included the comment that the CONSER Summit may generate issues that might be good topics for MFIG, ALA annual, 2004. Review and possible revision of the ISSN standard is another possible topic for MFIG.

OCLC report

Rich Green reported that the batch loading program has been redesigned to provide more flexibility and to make loading patterns data part of the regular workflow, possibly available summer 2004. Rich discussed the bibliographic notification service for notifying users when 891 fields have been added or changed. He mentioned that that there has been recent interest among libraries in receiving record sets that contain patterns information. Robert Bremer reported that the macro for adding holdings has not yet been converted from CatMe format to Connexion, although many users may be able to do this conversion in-house.

Task Force on Publication History. Diane reported that the group changed its name from "universal holdings" to "publication history" at ALA annual 2003. The group is considering a model of a FRBR based publication history record developed by Frieda Rosenberg and testing it with various use case scenarios. The group expects to have a draft report available for ALA annual 2004.

Task Force on Long Term Storage of Patterns Data. Linda Miller reported that her group is following closely the work on the publication history record as part of the key to long term storage of patterns data on the utilities.

New Task Force. Linda and Diane suggested the establishment of another task group to monitor developments of various electronic resource control systems and standards. The Joint Working Group implementing ONIX for serials, NISO/EDItEUR is an area where the Publications Patterns Task Force needs to have input on use of the holdings format for serials. It was decided that we should wait until after the CONSER Summit before writing a charge for this new Task Force.

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NASIG guide

Frieda Rosenberg discussed the NASIG guide to holdings she and Betty Landesman are developing. It is focused on understanding local holdings and will be available in 2004.


Wen-ying Lu talked about her experience using the PowerPoint presentation developed for promotion of the Initiative. It is available on the Publication Patterns Website and can be customized to fit the audience. It was suggested that screen shot examples from various vendor systems be added.

Action: Les will accept examples and work with Lu to add them to the presentation.


Carlen and Jean led a discussion of the CONSER Summit March 18th and 19th. The gathering will involve many representatives from the library community and serials industry to focus on bibliographic needs for managing electronic resources. General comments:

It was suggested that for electronic resources, we are at the place we were in the print world before the title page was invented.

The Publication Patterns Task Force should have input into the development of standards required for knowledge bases used by link resolvers, meta search engines, and electronic resource management systems.

How can accuracy and maintenance of holdings data in e-resource management systems be improved?

Is there a need to expand the MARC Holdings Format to accommodate the needs for new e-resource management tools?

What level of holdings information is needed for different types of transactions that occur in e-resource management tools?

Action: The group recommended having a background paper on holdings issues developed for Summit attendees to focus on holdings issues.


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