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I.  Information about you

What kind of library do you work in?

1. What type of institution do you work in? (Please check all that apply.)
1.1. ___ National library
1.2. ___ Large academic/Research
1.3. ___ Small academic/Community college
1.4. ___ Special library (e.g., law, theology, art, hospital, museum, etc.)
1.5. ___ Public library
1.6 ___ Corporate/Commercial
1.7. ___ National government (e.g., federal agency, military, etc.)
1.8. ___ State/province or Local government
1.9. ___ School (for ages 5-18)
1.10. ___ Other. Please identify type: _____________________________

What is your experience?

___  years cataloging serials (in any format)

___  years cataloging electronic resources (of any kind)

___  years cataloging other kinds of resources (e.g., printed monographs); explain:

___  I am not a cataloger: please explain what your job entails:

Which SCCTP workshops have you previously attended?

            Basic Serials Workshop:   _______ 

            Serial Holdings Workshop:  _______

            Advanced Serials Workshop:  _______

Have you had other training in electronic resources?


What kinds of electronic resources have you cataloged?

___ Full‑text Aggregator Databases (e.g., Proquest, Lexis/Nexis)

___ Online Reference Tools (e.g., Directories, Databases, Indexes)

___ Publisher E‑Journal Packages (e.g., Science Direct, Project Muse)

___ Government Documents

___ Newsletter/Bulletins/Non‑Commercial Journals

___ Archival Resources/Local Digitization Projects

___ Monograph Packages (e.g., NetLibrary, EBooks)

___ Web Sites

___ Individual Online Texts

___ Maps/Cartographic Data

___ Other (Please describe)

What kinds of problems do you typically encounter?

II. Expectations for the course

This course will cover the following topics.  Rank the topics in order of interest from 1-6 (1 = the topic you are most interested in)

___ What is an electronic serial?  How is it different from a print serial and from other electronic resources?

___ E-serials cataloging

            ___ Providing access to e-serial aggregations/packages

            ___ CONSER single record approach

            ___ Title, location, format changes

            ___ Complex cataloging situations

Do you have any other comments on what you hope to learn from this workshop?


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