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From workshop sponsors

Jim Seamans, President, Technical Services Division, Maryland Library Association

"The serials cataloging workshop at UMBC in Baltimore was a great success. It is one of the best evaluations for a program I've seen in some time. The general feeling here with MLA is that LC and affiliate agencies are providing us with a great and valuable service with these workshops and the competent staff that agree to do them."

David Bruner, Head of Bibliographic Services, Northern Arizona University

"The Serials Cataloging Cooperative Training Program is an extremely valuable resource which brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to libraries like ours, which don't have a tradition of standard serials practice or a critical mass of experienced people to carry out training."

Diane Baden, Associate Director, NELINET, Inc.

"A friend who attended the session told me it was the best thing ever and she had finally created a couple of original serials records on OCLC (this a woman with 20 plus years of cataloging experience)."

Paula Sullenger, Technical Services Round Table, Alabama Library Association

"Our participants were thrilled with the workshop. It was one of the most well received programs ever presented ... SCCTP did an excellent job of putting together this program. The content was well thought out and the participants were particularly pleased with the examples and exercises. I want to express my appreciation to the creators of this program for devoting the time and resources necessary to develop this long-needed workshop.

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From worskhop attendees

Overall comments

"This was the best training I have had specific to my job in serials, including library school."

"Clarified and expanded concepts wonderfully. I didn't feel that this was only applicable to academia, but to public libraries too!"

"The "101" basic approach was wonderful."

"Practical explanations of why things are done and how to adopt practice based on local needs."

"This was a great workshop! Great blend of basic, practical information and future trends."


"Exceeded my expectations!"

"Good practical basic knowledge that made sense and was easy to follow."

"Basic yet thorough just what I needed. Workbook is terrific!"

"I got answers to lots of questions I've been wondering about for years."

About the presenters

"Presenters were flexible, genuinely interested in needs of attendees."

"The material was logically presented, I enjoyed the examples given from the presenter's experience, and hearing other participants' local use policies."

"The presenters were very well organized and versed in serials cataloging: insightful and inspiring."

"The trainers were excellent and entertaining."

About the Basic Serials Cataloging Workshop trainee manual

"The manual is very informative and is a very good reference tool."

"The workbook and exercises were excellent! The material was presented in an interesting and engaging manner. The Q&A session was very helpful."

"The manual is well prepared and contains good information for cataloging serials."

"The exercises allowed us to practice the theory we learned! Very helpful."

"The trainee manual was excellent for complementing the instructor's sessions. The exercises we worked through reinforced the lessons."

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