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This Project is the means by which more CJK name authority records will be added to the NAF, and thereby increase the number of bibliographical records that can be used with little or no local editing. It offers an opportunity to institutions with East Asian materials to participate collectively, ultimately providing better standardized access to these collections. Members may be individual institutions which may otherwise not meet expected NACO contribution levels. This Project also affords the Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL)'s cataloging community a forum in which they can interact with LC and other PCC members. It provides a voice for expressing opinions about cataloging policy and standard issues.

To become a member of the CJK NACO Project, please read about NACO Funnels, contact the Funnel Coordinator, and submit the NACO Application online following the instructions.

Further information about the CJK NACO Project can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Membership/Liaisons in the CJK NACO Project

CJK NACO Reviewers

CJK NACO Trainings

Recorded webinars from the CJK NACO Training Workshop (September 2017)

Documents from CJK NACO References Webinars (November 2011 - March 2012)

CJK NACO Best Practices

CJK-Associated Documentation and Announcements

For more information contact:

CJK NACO Project
Shi Deng
Head, CJK Cataloging and Metadata
BIBCO Coordinator
UC San Diego Library
University of California, San Diego
phone: (858) 822-2104
email: [email protected]

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Last update: Jan. 24, 2018