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Please select the name of the institutional participant from this A-Z listing.

CJK NACO Project Participant's Application Form

Fill in and fax to the Project Coordinator, Jiang Shuyong, at 217.333.2214

NAME OF INSTITUTION__________________________________________________
Include name of university sub-unit, e.g., U. of Washington, East Asian Law

MARC 21 IDENTIFICATION code_______________

Individuals may use the main library’s code; institutional members who currently do not have a separate MARC 21 code may either use the main library’s code or apply for a separate institutional code directly through the Library of Congress' Network Development and MARC Standards Office Homepage where instructions are provided on How to request new codes.




Name and title_______________________________________________________

Phone_____________________ Fax_________________ E-mail__________________

NAME OF LIBRARY ADMINISTRATOR (Director, Head of Tech. Services, etc. if different from above)

Name and title_______________________________________________________

Phone_____________________ Fax________________ E-mail__________________

  1. Membership type:

Institutional ________

Individual _______ Do you have support from your immediate supervisor? Yes_____­_ No_______

  1. Are you joining as a reviewer/mentor: Yes_____­_ No_______
  2. Number of bibliographic records created annually (original and copy)______________
  3. Which is the primary utility for bibliographic work for your institution:

OCLC __________ RLIN __________ Other (please explain)_______________________________

  1. Does your institution also load records to another utility:

Yes:______ No________

OCLC______ RLIN______

  1. Does your institution have the capability to export and import bibliographic records to or from your local system via FTP:

Import: Yes ______ No______                        Export: Yes________ No_______

  1. Is your main library currently a NACO member: Yes _____________ No ___________
  2. Number of staff trained (or/and to be trained) to contribute to NACO:_______ or/and ( ______ )
  3. General comments on collection strengths, particular area of expertise, etc.



Please provide an estimate of the breakdown of languages to be contributed:









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