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List of PCC Liaisons by Institution or Project, D-K

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Dartmouth College

MARC 21 code: NhD
utility: OCLC
contact: John C. DeSantis
tel.: ..
fax: ..

Deakin University Library

MARC21 code: AU-GeDUL
utility: OCLC
contact: Annette Butcher
Metadata Librarian
Deakin University Library
Geelong Vic. 3220
tel.: +61352278215

Delta State University

MARC 21 code: MsCleD
utility: OCLC
contact: Sheryl Stump
W.B. Roberts Library
Cleveland, MS 38733
tel.: 662.846.4458
fax: 662.846.4443

Detroit Area Network (DALNET)
Funnel Project

MARC 21 code: MiD and others
utility: OCLC
Vacant (as of September 2011)

Donohue Group Inc.

MARC 21 code: CtWfDGI
utility: OCLC
contact: Bob Geoghegan
contact: Audra Zimmermann
41 Mechanic Street
Windsor, CT 06095
tel.: 860.683.1647
fax: 860.683.1678

Douglas County Libraries

MARC 21 code: CoCr
utility: OCLC
contact: Nancy J. Kall

Duke University

MARC 21 code: NcD, NcD-L, NcD-MC
utility: OCLC
contact: Amy Turner
tel.: 919.660.5901
fax: 919.684.2978

East Carolina University

MARC 21 code: NcGrE
Contact: Patricia Dragon
Head, Special Colls. Cataloging, Metadata, & Authorities
Joyner Library
Mail stop 516
Greenville NC 27858
Tel.: 252- 328‑0296

Eastman School of Music
Sibley Music Library

MARC 21 code: NRU-Mus
utility: OCLC
contact: Linda W. Blair
tel.: 585.274.1368
fax: 585.274.1380

Eden-Webster Library

MARC 21 code: MoWgW
utility: OCLC
contact: Wendy Schlegel
tel.: 314.246.7815
fax: 314.

El Colegio de México

MARC 21 code: MxMxECM
utility: OCLC
contact: Reynaldo D. Figueroa Servín
tel: 525.5449.3000, ext. 2089
fax: 525.5645.4584

Emory University General Libraries

MARC 21 code: GEU
utility: OCLC
contact: Jeffrey Sowder
Head, Acquisitions & Metadata Services

English Short Title Catalogue
University of California, Riverside

MARC 21 code: Cu-RivES
utility: OCLC
contact: Patricia Hargis
tel.: 909.787.5841
fax: 909.787.4120

Florida International University -
Green Library & College of Law Library

MARC 21 code: FMFIU, FlMiFlUC
utility: OCLC
contact: Sue Wartzok
tel.: 305.348.6269
fax: 305.348.1798

Florida State University

MARC 21 code: FTaSU
utility: OCLC
contact: Ruth S. Ziegler
tel.: 850.644.5232
fax: 850.645.5671

Folger Shakespeare Library

MARC 21 code: DFo
utility: OCLC
contact: Deborah J. Leslie
tel.: 202.675.0369
fax: 202.675.0328

Freer Gallery of Art

MARC 21 code: DFG
utility: OCLC
contact: Lowell Ashley
tel.: 202.633.1642
fax: 202.357.4532

Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College

MARC 21 code: PSC-HI
utility: OCLC
contact: Pat O'Donnell
tel.: 610.328.8497
fax: 610.328.7329

GAELIC South Africa Project

MARC 21 code: SaPrUSA and others
utility: OCLC
contact: Hester Marais
tel.: +27-012-429-3187
fax: +27-012-429-2925

Gail Borden Public Library

MARC 21 code: IElg
Contact: Alissa Medows
270 N. Grove Avenue
Elgin, IL 60120
Tel.: 847-429-6790
Fax: 847-608-5201

George Mason University Libraries

MARC 21 code: ViFGM
utility: OCLC
contact: Tricia Mackenzie
Metadata Librarian
tel.: 703-993-2313
fax: 703.993.2263

Georgetown University

MARC 21 code: DGU
utility: OCLC
contact: Shana L. McDanold
Head, Metadata Services
Georgetown University Library
37th and O Streets, N.W.
Washington, DC 20057
tel.: 202-687-3356

Georgetown University Law Library

MARC 21 code: DGU-L
utility: OCLC
contact: Yan Liao (Clara)
tel.: 202.662.9190

Getty Research Institute

MARC 21 code: CMalG
utility: OCLC
contact: Barbara LaMori
tel.: 310.440.7511
fax: 310.440.7780

Harry Ransom Center

University of Texas at Austin
MARC 21 code: TxAuHRH
utility: OCLC
contact: Ryan Hildebrand
tel.: 512.232.1681
fax: 512.471.9646

Harvard University Library

MARC 21 code: MH, MH-L
utility: OCLC
contact: Mary Jane Cuneo
tel.: 617.495.2446
fax: 617.496.3013

Harvard University
Harvard-Yenching Library

MARC 21 code: MH-HY
utility: OCLC
contact: Yuh-Fen Chiou
tel.: 617.496.5381
fax: 617.496.4992


MARC 21 code: CST-HC (and others)
utility: OCLC
contact: Heidi G. Lerner
tel.: 650.725.9953
fax: 650.725.1120

Henry E. Huntington Library

MARC 21 code: CSmH
utility: OCLC
contact: Dorothy Auyong
tel.: 626.405.2188
fax: 626.449.5720

Highland Park Public Library

MARC 21 code: IHigp
Contact: Jane Conway
  494 Laurel Ave
Highland Park, IL 60035
Tel.:  847‑432‑1573 ext. 121
Fax: 847-681-7027

Hong Kong University of
Science and Technology

MARC 21 code: HkUST
utility: OCLC
contact: Zehua Sun
tel.: 852.2358.6735
fax: 852.2358.1443

Howard University
Moorland-Springarn Research Library

MARC 21 code: DHU-MS
utility: OCLC
contact: Andrew T. Sulavik
tel.: 202.806.4291
fax: 202.806.7271

Indian Trails Public Library

MARC 21 code: IWhI
utility: OCLC
contact: Richard Stewart
tel.: 847.459.4100
fax: 847.459.4760

Indiana University Libraries

MARC 21 code: InU, InU-Ki, InU-L
utility: OCLC
contact: Carl Horne
tel.: 812.856.0846
fax: 812.855.7933

Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis

MARC 21 code: InIU-L
utility: OCLC
contact: Chris Evin Long
tel.: 317.274.1930
fax: 317.274.8825

Ingram Library Services

MARC 21 code: TnLvILS
utility: OCLC
contact: Rhea Richards
Chicago Account/
TIMS-MARC Data Group
One Ingram Boulevard
P.O. Box 3006
LaVergne, Tennessee 37086
tel.: 615.213.7624
fax: 615.213.6127

John Carter Brown Library,
Brown University

MARC 21 code: RPJCB
utility: OCLC
contact: Allison Rich
tel.: 401.863.1586
fax: 401.863.1272
email: Allison_Rich@brown.eduu

Joint Bank-Fund Library

MARC 21 code: DJBF
utility: OCLC
contact: Regina Coeli Silva-Silfa
Project Manager/Principal Cataloger
Joint Bank-Fund Library
HQ2 11-381
tel.: 202.623.7036

Joint Forces Staff College

MARC 21 code: ViNSC
utility: OCLC

Kentucky State University

MARC 21 code: KyFSC
utility: OCLC
contact: Margaret Hecker
tel.: 502.597.6819
fax: 502.564.5068

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