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Establishing literary author Cutter numbers in LC's online shelflist

NACO members may propose literary author numbers for inclusion in the 053 field (LC Classification Number) of NACO authority records for names of persons who have written works of the imagination, other than works for children.

NACO members use the online Library of Congress Literary Author (053) Request Form and a staff member in the CP Section reserves a literary author number in the LC shelflist for each author as requested. The NACO participant then records that number in the 053 field of the name authority record. This procedure assures that authorized literary author numbers will be available to all users of LC's bibliographic products for application in their catalogs.

Before accessing the Library of Congress Literary Author (053) Request Form, NACO members should use LC's online shelflist for purposes of formulating a LC classification number when requesting an 053 for inclusion in a name authority record. BIBCO members may browse the online shelflist to assist in assigning an LC Classification number to bibliographic records they create or update. Below are instructions for searching:

After accessing the LC Online Catalog

  • Click Browse:

LC Browse Screen

  • In the Browse box, select CALL NUMBERS (LC Class No.) from the drop-down list:

  • Type in the classification number to be searched:
    • Example: PQ8180

  • Click Search

Go to: Literary Author Number Proposal Form.

Last update: Sept. 6, 2016