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Formal preparations for developing a new strategic plan that will guide the cooperative from 2006-2010 have been underway since November 2004 when the Policy Committee met in Washington, D.C. to begin deliberations on the future directions for the PCC. During the spring of 2005, a task group revised the PCC Mission Statement and produced a report that identified trends, issues and roles for the PCC that could inform a new strategic plan. Over the summer of 2005, another task group was charged to compile a list of possible strategic directions for the PoCo to consider at its November 2005 meeting. Prior to the annual fall meeting, the chair issued a call for vision statements that could inform the strategic planning process, and five PoCo members responded with documents reflecting their sense of the directions in which the organization needs to move. These documents informed a lively strategic planning process at the November 2005 PoCo meeting at the Library of Congress. Cindy Todd, University of Maryland, facilitated a process that, over an afternoon and the following morning, produced five strategic directions and a number of related goals that will form the basis of an organization wide reflection and discussion process in 2006.