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The PCC funding plan is outlined in the Governance Document and was amended in 2012 with the issuance of the PCC travel fund guidelines for attending the PCC Operations Committee Meetings. The Funding Plan provides direct support for the training infrastructure and some funds for travel to Operations Committee meetings.

In summary, funding for the Program will be provided through contributions from LC and OCLC for:

  1. Non-ALA travel to PCC Operations Committee meetings by members and Chairs of Standing Committees on Automation, Standards, and Training
  2. Policy Committee approved training activities
  3. Regular meeting facilities at ALA
  4. Contingencies

Member institutions are expected to underwrite and therefore be able to anticipate in their budgets the following:

  1. The full cost of travel and related expenses to attend Policy Committee meetings and Steering Committee meetings of their elected or appointed representative.
  2. The cost of their initial training as a member of a PCC component.
  3. Travel costs and other expenses to attend Operations Committee meetings for their elected or appointed representatives.  Travel support up to $400 is available from OCLC to a limited number of OpCo attendees on a rotation coordinated by the PCC Secretariat. See the PCC travel fund guidelines for further details.