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The PCC Policy Committee charges the Standing Committee on Automation Task Group on Journals in Aggregator Databases to investigate and make recommendations for a useful, cost-effective and timely means for providing records to identify full-text electronic journals acquired in aggregator databases. Recommendations should address the following:

  1. Record content. Using the findings of the CONSER Task Group on Journals in Aggregator Databases as a guide, propose the record content of a vendor-supplied record for an e-journal embedded in an aggregation.
  2. Automated creation and maintenance of records and their distribution. With an interested vendor, mount a demonstration project to test record content, the automated creation and maintenance of vendor-supplied records, and delivery mechanisms (including distribution to local library systems and bibliographic utilities).
  3. Implementation. Evaluate the outcome of the demonstration project and issue a report to recommend vendor record content; relationship of proposed content to present standards for serial record content; preliminary specifications for output, maintenance and delivery of record sets; and next steps. In recommending next steps, the task group should bear in mind the relationship of its work to other projects involving access to e-journals (e.g., Project BIBLINK, CORC, WorldCat Collection Sets).
Time Frame

An interim task force report is due in time for comment at the CONSER/BIBCO Operations Committees' meetings April 22-23, 1999. The report should contain recommendations on record content and a description of progress with the demonstration project.

The final report should identify implementation issues, formulate plans to be presented to vendors, and describe the support required from other appropriate organizations. The time frame is negotiable but should not be later than December 1999.


John Riemer, Chair
University of Georgia
[email protected]

Jeanne Baker
University of Maryland
[email protected]

Matthew Beacom
Yale University
[email protected]

Karen Calhoun
Cornell University
[email protected]

Eric Celeste
Massachusets Institute of Technology
[email protected]

Ruth Haas
Harvard University
[email protected]

Jean Hirons
LC Liaison
[email protected]

Oliver Pesch
EBSCO Liaison
[email protected]

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