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Please note: This form is used by PCC members to propose revisions to existing relationship designators and to propose new relationship designators to the PCC Standing Committee on Standards. Publication of approved revisions and new terms is dependent on the approval process and the RDA Toolkit release schedule. See this table (external link) for examples of recent decisions.

Revision to an existing relationship designator

If this is a proposal to revise an existing designator, please supply the following:

1. Name of the relationship designator to be revised:

2. RDA instruction number:

3. Reason for the revision and text of the revision:

Request for a new relationship designator

If this is a request for a new relationship designator, please provide the following:

1. Name of new relationship designator:

2. RDA instruction number and appendix:

3. Definition of the proposed relationship designator:

4. Reciprocal relationship designator if applicable:

5. Definition of reciprocal relationship designator if applicable:

Additional notes

Use this space to provide additional context, MARC 21 field examples of changed or new terms, or other supplemental information.

Contact information

Name of submitter

Institution of submitter