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Program participants and other catalogers make frequent use of existing PCC documentation to assist them in their cataloging activities and have requested that such documentation be more widely available. Currently, NACO and CONSER documentation is owned by CDS, although BIBCO documentation is not. The Task Group will also explore the copyright issues and costs of providing PCC training documentation. The Task Group will further recommend a strategy for keeping documentation up to date that does not place the full weight of the revisions on members of the Library of Congress. The Task Group will coordinate with the Task Group on Web-Based Training and Distance Education specifically on issues of copyright.


The PCC Policy Committee charges the PCC Standing Committee on Training's Task Group on PCC Participant and Training Documentation to:

  • Investigate methods for keeping training and participant documentation up to date and to explore a variety of delivery mechanisms for the documentation
  • Prepare a functional evaluation of different delivery mechanisms for documentation
  • Analyze the cost implications of making existing documentation more widely available and specifically explore cost recovery options
  • Analyze the copyright issues relating to PCC documentation
  • Recommend methods for making existing documentation more widely available
  • Describe the support required from the PCC and others for carrying out the recommendations
  • Develop a plan for sharing responsibility for updating documentation among a wider group of PCC members

Time frame

Interim report external link due September 15, 2000. Final report due December 31, 2000.

Final report of the Task Group submitted on Dec. 28, 2000.


Rebecca R. Malek-Wiley
Tulane University
Cataloging Department
Howard-Tilton Memorial Library
New Orleans, LA 70118
voice: 504.865.5696
fax: 504.862.8556 or 865.6773
email: [email protected]

Betsy Simpson
University of Florida
Smathers Libraries
P.O. Box 117007
Gainesville, FL 32611-7007
phone: 352-392-0351
fax: 352-392-4788
e-mail: [email protected]

Louisa Kreider
Cleveland Public Library
Catalog Dept.
17133 Lake Shore Boulevard
Cleveland, OH 44110
voice: 216.623.2885
fax: 216.623.6980
email: [email protected]

Lois Sewell
Indiana University
Main Library
1320 E. 10th St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-3907
voice: 812.855.3653
fax: 812.855.3072
email: [email protected]

Carolyn Sturtevant
Library of Congress
Cooperative Cataloging Team, LM535
Washington, DC 20540-4380
phone: 202.707.4551
fax: 202.707.2824
email: [email protected]

James Weinheimer
Princeton University
Firestone Library
Catalog Division
One Washington Rd.
Princeton, New Jersey 08544
phone: 609.258.3208
email: [email protected]

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