Removal of 510 fields for indexing and abstracting coverage and alternative sources of this information

The following message was announced on Feb. 25, 2003:

In November 2002, the Policy Committee of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging voted to remove most of the abstracting and indexing coverage fields (field 510) from CONSER records. This data was added as part of a special project during the mid-1980s with the intention that it would be maintained over time. Unfortunately, this has not been the case. There are many new services not reflected by CONSER records and there has been no means to verify the existing data. However, 510 fields for Chemical Abstracts continue to be actively maintained and will be retained in CONSER records.

This has been a difficult decision. A CONSER task force some years ago queried the library community as to whether 510 fields should be deleted or retained but results were inclusive, with a 50-50 split. The final decision was based on a recognition that the data has served its purpose well, is now readily available online from other sources, and can never be actively maintained in CONSER records.

OCLC plans to begin the systematic removal of the 510 fields at the end of February and will continue this process through the spring.


Note: 510 fields with second indicator 3 or 4, which are primarily used for citations for data given in rare serial records, will not be removed.

Alternative sources of A&I data include the following:

Free online sources

Jake: jointly administered knowledge environment

List of Journals Indexed in Index Medicus and List of Serials Indexed for Online Users

Other sources

Ulrich's International Serials Directory. Issued in print, CD-ROM and (updated weekly). Published by Bowker

Serials Directory. Published online by EBSCO.

EBSCO clients are able to see where titles are indexed and abstracted.

In addition, many subscription agencies can produce reports, on request, that provide A&I coverage information.

Many journal homepages on publisher websites include A&I coverage information.

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