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CONSER Ad-Hoc RDA Comment Group


Final Draft (except Appendix J) [Word; 95 KB, 11 p.] Comments Dec. 22, 2008

Final Draft Appendix J [Word; 45 kb; 5 p.] Comments Dec. 21, 2008


CONSER Comments on RDA Chapter 3, Mar. 2007 Revision submitted June 2007 [PDF 66.2 KB, 3 p.]


CONSER Comments on RDA Chapters 6-7 August, 17, 2006 (PDF)

CONSER recommendations to CC:DA relating to RDA chapters 1-5 August, 17, 2006 (PDF)

CONSER Comments on RDA Part 1 2/24/06 (PDF)

CONSER Response to the document: GMD/SMD Working Group: Proposal for Content and Carrier Terms in RDA 2/24/06 (PDF)


  • Group members will particpate and monitor discussion of the informal discussion on RDA-L
  • Members will identify topics suitable for formal CONSER comment from the RDA-L discussion
  • Members will provide suggestions for specific wording of comments and/or drafts of proposed language changes


The group has a closed list for compiling comments, CONSER-RDA. The archives are available from: List owner: Les Hawkins

Task force members

Everett Allgood NYU
Valerie Bross UCLA
Renette Davis University of Chicago
Carroll Davis LC
Sue Fuller University of Texas Libraries
Lisa Furubotten Texas A&M
Les Hawkins LC
Jim Holmes University of Texas Libraries
Ed Jones National University Library
Judith Kuhagen LC (CPSO Liaison)
Kristin Lindlan University of Washington (Chair)
Jeffrey Myers-Hayer LC
Hien Nguyen LC
Kevin M. Randall Northwestern
Regina Reynolds NSDP
Tina Shrader NAL
Naomi Young University of Florida


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