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DisclaimerAACR2 and Seriality

AACR Review Task Force
Task Force Charge
Review Group Reports:
AACR Group 1 Final Report
AACR Group 2a Final Report [PDF; 1.45MB]
AACR Group 2b Final Report
AACR Group 3 Final Report

Proposal to Adopt a Modified Model C (Jean Hirons and Regina Reynolds)

Graphical Model of the Bibliographic Universe (Modified Model C)

Incorporating Entry: A New Concept for Cataloging Electronic Journals (Sara Shatford Layne)

Establishing a Benchmark to Determine When to Make a New Serial Record (Jean Hirons, Regina Reynolds, Guenter Franzmeier)

ISSN and Seriality (Regina Reynolds)

Proposal for a Succession of Latest Entry Records (Jean Hirons, Judy Kuhagen, Regina Reynolds)

Revising AACR2 to Accommodate Seriality: Report to the JSC (Jean Hirons) [PDF: 421 KB; 57 p.]

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  April 12, 2011
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