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bf: BIBFRAMEInitiated by the Library of Congress, BIBFRAME provides a foundation for the future of bibliographic description, both on the web, and in the broader networked world. This site presents general information about the project, including presentations, FAQs, and links to working documents. In addition to being a replacement for MARC, BIBFRAME serves as a general model for expressing and connecting bibliographic data. A major focus of the initiative will be to determine a transition path for the MARC 21 formats while preserving a robust data exchange that has supported resource sharing and cataloging cost savings in recent decades.

What's New

BIBFRAME Update Forum at ALA

February 1, 10:30-11:30am
McCormick Place Werst, W196a

New White Paper Available
Common Ground: Exploring Compatibilities Between the Linked Data Models of the Library of Congress and OCLC
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Bibliographic Framework Initiative (BIBFRAME): Update & Practical Applications (4 September 2014).
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