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The BIBFRAME implementation register is established to list BIBFRAME implementations - existing, developing, and planned. It will be maintained here. Any organization implementing a BIBFRAME project or application can be listed, subject to the requirements below. If an organization has multiple BIBFRAME projects it may have each listed in a separate entry.

How to Register

  1. Designate a representative who is responsible for the content of the organization's entry within the register.
  2. Send the following information to
    • Name and email address of the representative.
    • Any other contact information that the representative wants listed.
    • Description of the project (whatever information the representative wants listed, including links, etc.). At minimum, the information should include:
      • Name and description of the project or application.
      • Implementation details.
      • Implementation status.
  3. Update the description periodically. (There is no set update cycle; the representative can send an updated description via email to at any time, and the entry will be promptly updated.)
    If a period of two months elapses during which the representative has not updated the entry, the representative should “validate” the entry by confirming via email that the entry is up-to-date.

Entry Information

The information in each register entry will include the following:

  • Name of organization.
  • Name of application (if applicable).
  • Information provided by the representative.
  • Original date of entry.
  • Date last updated.
  • Date last verified.

Related Initiative: Implementation Testbed

A related BIBFRAME initiative is the Implementation Testbed, established to encourage development of BIBFRAME test implementations. It is expected that there will be significant overlap between the testbed and the registry.

Learn more about the Implementation Testbed