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The BIBFRAME implementation register is established to list BIBFRAME implementations - existing, developing, and planned. It will be maintained here. Any organization implementing a BIBFRAME project or application can be listed, subject to the requirements below. If an organization has multiple BIBFRAME projects it may have each listed in a separate entry.

How to Register

  1. Designate a representative who is responsible for the content of the organization's entry within the register.
  2. Send the following information to [email protected]
    • Name and email address of the representative.
    • Any other contact information that the representative wants listed.
    • Description of the project (whatever information the representative wants listed, including links, etc.). At minimum, the information should include:
      • Name and description of the project or application.
      • Implementation details.
      • Implementation status.
  3. Update the description periodically. (There is no set update cycle; the representative can send an updated description via email to [email protected] at any time, and the entry will be promptly updated.)
    If a period of two months elapses during which the representative has not updated the entry, the representative should “validate” the entry by confirming via email that the entry is up-to-date.

Entry Information

The information in each register entry will include the following:

  • Name of organization.
  • Name of application (if applicable).
  • Information provided by the representative.
  • Original date of entry.
  • Date last updated.
  • Date last verified.