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SPEAKER: Roberta I. Shaffer, Sally McCallum, Eric Miller, Jeremy Nelson, Vinod Chachra, and Carol Jean Godby
EVENT DATE: 06/30/2013
FORMAT: Video + Captions
RUNNING TIME: 71 minutes
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The Bibliographic Framework Initiative (BIBFRAME) is a major community challenge to provide an alternative to the deeply embedded MARC formats that will be more compatible with the Web and Internet environment and that offers new opportunities to leverage information. This program at the Annual Meeting of the American Library Association addressed multiple facets of the development -- how it fits into the major thrusts of Library of Congress programs and how it will attempt to span the different data models of the library and related communities. Two institutions that are experimenting with the general model were asked to report, along with a discussion of its relationship to, the recent search engine attempt at standardization.


Sally Hart McCallum is chief of the Network Development and MARC Standards Office at the Library of Congress.

Roberta I. Shaffer is the Associate Librarian for Library Services at the Library of Congress.

Eric Miller is president of Zepheira. He has been active in the development of Semantic Web and library standards as well as open source tools to support linked data technologies and library applications.

Jeremy Nelson is metadata and systems librarian at Colorado College. To access material he discusses in his presentation, please go to and

Vinod Chachra is president and CEO of VTLS Inc.

Carol Jean Godby is a senior research scientist at OCLC Research.

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