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January 26, 2014 - 10:30 am-12:00 Noon

Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, Pa., Room 114 (Auditorium/Lecture Hall)

The Bibliographic Framework Initiative (BIBFRAME) is a major community challenge to provide an alternative to the deeply embedded MARC formats that will be more compatible with the Web and Internet environment that offers new opportunities to leverage information. The program speakers will address multiple facets of the development. Two institutions that are experimenting with the general model have been asked to report on their most recent work.  The second half of the program will feature Eric Miller of Zepheira, Inc., demonstrating the new input tool for creating metadata using BIBFRAME.


1) Welcome; BIBFRAME as a Library of Congress priority
Roberta I. Shaffer, Associate Librarian of Congress for Library Services

2) Library of Congress Work on BIBFRAME
Sally McCallum, Chief, Network Development and MARC Standards Office, Library of Congress
Revised web site, core vocabulary, ongoing testing and tester group, other topics

3) Reports from Community experimenters
Reinhold Heuvelmann, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek   
Jackie Shieh, George Washington University

4) BIBFRAME Input Module
Eric Miller, President, Zepheira, Inc.

A video of the BIBFRAME Update Forum will be made accessible after the conclusion of ALA Midwinter Meeting.

Additional presentations and BIBFRAME Events at the ALA Midwinter Meeting can be found on the Library of Congress at ALA Web site