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As tools and demonstrations become available, they will be shared. The following are currently available:

Profile Tool

  • BIBFRAME Profile Editor  (Download)
    This software is designed to enable the configuration of profiles based on the profile specification BIBFRAME Profiles: Introduction and Specification . The resulting RDF profile may be used to create templates in BIBFRAME editors. It was written under contract to the Library of Congress by Smart Software Solutions, Inc. This software is open source and may be freely downloaded and used.

Search Tools

  • BIBFRAME Catalog (Download)
    The BIBFRAME Catalog is a search system for experimenting with BIBFRAME data, written under contract to the Library of Congress by Aaron Schmidt and Jeremy Nelsen of Influx Library User Experience. The software is a proof of concept with a working demo at The solution is still being developed by Influx and new versions will be uploaded to github over the next few months. This software is open source and may be feely downloaded and used. The application follows a “pull platform” approach with django-based UI, an open-source middleware project called a Semantic Server, which provides a Rest APIs to a digital repository (Fedora 4.x), search server (Elasticsearch) and triplestore (Fuseki) that allows for CRUD management of RDF resources.
  • Metaproxy-XQuery (Download)
    MP-XQuery is a tool that converts MARCXML records, retrieved via SRU/Z39.50, to BIBFRAME.  It is a Metaproxy module which uses MARCXML to BIBFRAME Transformation code to convert (via XQuery) the MARCXML records to BIBFRAME, on the fly as part of retrieval.  MP-XQuery uses the Zorba query processor.  The SRU request parameter “recordSchema=bibframe” must be included in the SRU request to obtain BIBFRAME output.  This module was developed by IndexData under contract to the Library of Congress, and is available open source for download. 
  • Metaproxy-SPARQL (Download)
    MP-SPARQL is a Metaproxy module that converts SRU/Z39.50 queries to SPARQL in order to search triplestore backends such as Virtuoso, 4Store, etc.  By adding the cql2rpn + sru_z3950 filters in front, the system can offer SRU access and return BIBFRAME output.  This module was developed by IndexData under contract to the Library of Congress and is available for open source for download.  


For input of data directly into BIBFRAME, try out the demo or download and experiment

  • BIBFRAME Editor (Demonstration site)
    This site is for demonstration purposes. It enables recording of a description using the BIBFRAME vocabulary but at this time does not store the input. For more information, see Using the BIBFRAME Editor (BFE).
  • BIBFRAME Editor  (Download)
    This link is to the freely downloadable (open source) software for the Editor via Github. Please read the documentation for the Editor before attempting to experiment with the software.

MARC to BIBFRAME Transformation Tools

There are two tools designed to help evaluate MARC Bibliographic data in the BIFRAME model. The transformation software that powers these tools is also available for download.

  • Comparison Service (Demonstration site) - compares a MARCXML record and its BIBFRAME representation
    Enter the bibliographic identifier (MARC BIB field 001) of a Library of Congress MARC record to view a before and after presentation of a MARC record from the Library of Congress's database as BIBFRAME resources.
  • Transformation Service (Demonstration site) - transforms submitted MARCXML records to BIBFRAME data
    Submit your own MARC Bibliographic records (as MARC/XML) and view them as BIBFRAME resources in Exhibit. The resulting data are also available for download.
  • MARCXML to BIBFRAME Transformation software  (Download)
    The transformation software that powers the above services and other tools is also available for download.

BIBFRAME Vocabulary Tables