Shlomo Avineri is a Professor of Political Science at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has also served as Director of Eshkol Research Institute (1971-74); Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences (1974-76); Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1976-77); and Director of the Institute for European Studies (1997 to present). Dr. Avineri has had numerous visiting appointments including Yale University; Wesleyan University; Australian National University; Cornell University; University of California; Queen's College; and Oxford. He has been a visiting scholar at the Wilson Center and Brookings Institute in Washington, DC and at the Institute of World Economics and International Relations in Moscow. Dr. Avineri served as Director-General of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1975-77. He also headed the Israeli delegation to the UNESCO General Assembly and in 1979 he was a member of the joint Egyptian-Israeli commission that drafted the Cultural and Scientific Agreement between the two countries. Dr. Avineri is the recipient of many honors and awards including a British Council Scholarship (1961); Rubin Prize in the Social Sciences (1968); Naphtali Prize for the study of Hegel (1977); Present Tense Award for the Study of Zionism (1982); and Israel Prize (1996). His publications include The Social and Political Thought of Karl Marx; Karl Marx on Colonialism and Modernization; Israel and the Palestinians; Marx' Socialism; Hegel's Theory of the Modern State; Varieties of Marxism; The Making of Modern Zionism; Moses Hess: Prophet of Communism and Zionism; Arlosoroff: A Political Biography; Communism and Individualism (co-author); and an historical introduction to the Hebrew edition of Theodore Herzl's Diaries.