Alexander Boraine is Vice Chairperson of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission established to investigate the nature, causes and extent of gross violations of human rights committed since 1960. He served as Executive Director for the Institute of Justice in Transition and the Institute for Democracy in South Africa and was an employment practices consultant at the Anglo American Corporation before being elected as a Member of Parliament, a position he held from 1974 until his resignation in 1986. Dr. Boraine holds Ph.D. in Systematic Theology and Biblical Studies. An ordained Methodist minister, Dr. Boraine was elected president of the Methodist Church of South Africa in 1970. In 1998, he was a visiting professor at the University of Cape Town. He has lectured widely in South Africa and abroad including lectures delivered at Oxford, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and the University of Texas Law School. He is co-editor of South Africa and the World Economy in the 1990s, Dealing with the Past, and The Healing of a Nation.