Ambassador Hisashi Owada, after graduating in law from Tokyo University and doing postgraduate study at Cambridge University, had a distinguished career in Japan's Foreign Service. Among other positions, he has served as Director of the Treaties Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1972-74); Private Secretary to the Prime Minister of Japan (1976-78); Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of Japan to the Soviet Union (1981-84); Ambassador to the OECD (1988-89); Vice-Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1991); and Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations (1994-98). He has been involved in the formulation of Japan's foreign policy and in numerous diplomatic conferences and negotiations. He currently serves as President of the Japan Institute of International Affairs, Advisor to Japan's Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Senior Advisor to the President of the World Bank. While working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tokyo, Ambassador Owada also served as a Lecturer in International Law and International Organization at the University of Tokyo. He was three times Visiting Professor at Harvard Law School and during his tenure at the United Nations, he served as Adjunct Professor of International Law at Columbia Law School and as Inge Rennert Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law at New York University School of Law. He is author of many books and articles, in Japanese and English, on international law and diplomacy. Recent articles include "Japan's Constitutional Power to Participate in Peace-keeping" (1997) and "The International Law Commission and the Process of Law-formation" (1998).