Anne-Marie Slaughter is J. Sinclair Armstrong Professor of International, Foreign, and Comparative Law and Director of the Graduate and International Legal Studies at Harvard Law School. She holds the M.Phil, and D.Phil from Oxford University in international relations and a J.D. from Harvard Law School. Prior to coming to Harvard, she was Professor of Law and International Relations at the University of Chicago Law School. Recent publications include: "International Law and International Relations Theory: A New Generation of Interdisciplinary Scholarship," with Andrew Tulumello and Stepan Wood, 92 American Journal of International Law 367 (1998), "The Real New World Order," in the 75th Anniversary Issue of Foreign Affairs; "Toward a Theory of Effective Supranational Adjudication," with Laurence Helfer, 107 Yale Law Journal 273 (1997); "International Law in a World of Liberal States," 6 European Journal of International Law 503 (1995). Professor Slaughter is currently working on a book about the formation of transnational networks of government institutions and the implications of these networks for global governance.