image of Michael Monastyrsky Michael I. Monastyrsky, mathematician with a specialization in mathematical physics, is a Professor at the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics and the Institute of History of Science and Technology in Moscow, Russia. Dr. Monastyrsky was born in Moscow, September 3, 1945, and graduated from the Department of Mathematics, Moscow University, 1967, Ph.D, Dr.Sci (ITEP). He is a member of the Moscow and American Mathematical Societies and the International Commission on the History of Mathematics. His research interests include development and applications of the modern mathematical methods, especially topology, differential geometry and group theory to a wide ranging area of physics: quantum field theory, condensed matter (liquid crystals, superfluid liquids) and nonlinear phenomena. The author of numerous papers in these fields and several books, including: Topology of Gauge Fields and Condensed Matter, 1993 and Riemann, Topology Physics, 1999 (second edition), and Modern Mathematics in the Light of Fields Medals, 1997.