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An International Symposium co-sponsored by the Library of Congress and the New York University School of Law
March 7-10, 2000

Session 1
Transnational Justice & National Sovereignty

Vindicating the Rule of Law: Balancing Competing Demands for Justice
Sandra Day O'Connor
Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court

Law and the Re-Making of Humanity
Philip Allott
Professor, Trinity College, Cambridge, England and Global Law Faculty, New York University School of Law

International Adjudication and U.S. Policy – Past, Present, Future
Bruno Simma
Professor, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany, and University of Michigan Law School, Ann Arbor, Michigan


Session 2
Roles of Women: Norms and Cultures

Re-defining Muslim Women's Roles in the New Century
Azizah Y. al-Hibri
Professor of Law, T.C. Williams School of Law, University of Richmond, Richmond, VA and Visiting Scholar, Library of Congress Law Library

Women's Roles and the Promise of American Law
Kenneth L. Karst
University of California School of Law, Los Angeles, CA

The Roles of Women
Ellen Gracie Northfleet
Judge, Tribunal Regional Federal da 4a Regiao, Porto Alegre, Brazil


Session 3
Political Status and Democracy
in Multi-Ethnic and Multi-Racial States

Paper Synopsis
Jaydeva Uyangoda
Senior Lecturer in Political Science, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Ethnic Strife and Democracy
Kogila Moodley
Professor, Dept. of Educational Studies, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Paper Synopsis
Nadezhda Mihailova
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Bulgaria

Session 4
Natural Resources & the Environment

Property Rights, Environmental Regulations, and the Legal Culture of Post Revolutionary Mexico
Antonio Azuela
Attorney General for Environmental Protection, Federal Government of Mexico

Building Bridges for Humankind, Repaying the Debts We Owe to Nature
Yuri Kostenko
Member, Parliament (Verkhovna Rada) of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Environmental Law and Liberty
Richard Stewart
Professor, New York University School of Law

Session 5
Religion, Culture & Government

Trophy Art Law: As An Illustration of the Current Legislative Process in Russia
Alexander N. Domrin
Senior Research Fellow, Comparative Constitutional Law and Parliamentary Division, Institute of Legislatin and Comparative Law, Moscow Russia and Global Law Faculty, New York University School of Law

A Look at the Culture of Public Service
Inder Kumar Gujral
Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) and Former Prime Minister of India

Secular State and Muslim Society: The Case of Turkey
Nur Vergin
Professor, Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Science, Istanbul, Turkey

Session 6
Corporate Power, National Sovereignty,
and the Rule of Law in a Global Economy

Paper Synopsis
Fali Sam Nariman
Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) and President, The Bar Association of India, New Delhi, India

(paper will be presented in his absence)

Paper Synopsis
Daniel K. Tarullo
Professor, Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, D.C.

Post-Seattle Reflections: A Qualified Defense of the WTO and An Unqualified Defense of the International Rule of Law
John Michael Trebilcock
Professor of Law and Economics, University of Toronto Faculty of Law and Global Law Faculty, New York University School of Law

Session 7
State & Human Rights

Downsizing the State in Human Rights Discourse
Philip Alston
Professor, European University Institute, Department of Law, Florence, Italy and Global Law Faculty, New York University School of Law

Government Speech in a Neutral State
Andras Sajo
Professor of Law, Central European University, Legal Studies, Budapest, Hungary and Global Law Faculty, New York University School of Law

Paper Synopsis
Robert Badinter
Senator, French Senate; former President of the French Constitutional Court; Professor Emeritus, Université de París; and Global Law Faculty, New York University School of Law

Plenary Sessions

(A) Democracy, Legitimacy, and the Rule of Law

Paper Synopsis
Thomas M. Franck
Professor and Director, Center for International Studies, New York University School of Law and President, American Society of International Law


(B) Can we use law to hold the past to account?

From Prepared Remarks
Shlomo Avineri
Professor, Department of Political Science, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

From Lecture
Alex Boraine
Director, Project on Transitional Justice, New York University School of Law and Vice-Chairman, South Africa Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Cape, South Africa

Beyond Punishment: Justice in the Wake of Massive Crimes in Argentina
Luis Moreno Ocampo
Attorney, Moreno Ocampo Abogados, Buenos Aires, Argentina; former prosecutor of Military Junta Trials; and Professor, Buenos Aires University School of Law


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