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Bruce Alberts
Mohammed Arkoun
Shlomo Avineri
David Baltimore
Daniel Bell
Judith Margaret Brown
Manuel Castells
Rita R. Colwell
Marc Davis
Mary Douglas
Gerald M. Edelman
Gerald D. Fischbach
Michael Fishbane
Vyacheslav Vsevolodivich Ivanov
Christine M. Korsgaard
Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie
Eric S. Lander
Leon M. Lederman
Richard G. Lugar
Pierre Manent
Marcia McNutt
Michael I Monastyrsky
Laura Nader
J.H. Kwabana Nketia
John Noonan
J. Dennis O'Connor
Steve Pinker
Robert Pinsky
Frank Press
Peter Raven
Raj Reddy
Martin Rees
Charles Rosen
George Rupp
Paul S. Sarbanes
Saskia Sassen
Michael I. Shamos
Neil J. Smelser
Robert M. Solow
Jonathan D. Spence
Paula Tallal
Michael Woodford

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