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Judge and Mrs. Frank M. Johnson, Jr.

Frank M. Johnson, Jr.

The vast scope and illuminating complexity of Judge Johnson's papers mirror his long and stormy career as a federal judge in Alabama, which extended from his appointment as the nation's youngest federal district judge in 1955 until he took senior status as a federal circuit judge in 1991. Judge Johnson became the central figure in an increasingly larger social and political universe, as he sustained the claims of black Southerners to their civil rights on many famous fronts, such as the Montgomery bus boycott and the Selma march, and issued a wide range of precedent-setting decisions to extend constitutional protections to women, the poor, prison inmates, and patients in mental institutions. His collection of approximately 116,000 items also illustrates the meticulousness and speed which characterized his chambers, and varied materials demonstrate his attention to procedural and administrative as well as substantive and doctrinal matters that emerged during his long service.




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