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Early American Produced Atlas

Carey, Mathew. The General Atlas for Carey's Edition of Guthrie's Geography Improved. (Philadelphia, May 1, 1795). 45 maps. Carey established a print shop and publishing house in Philadelphia in 1784 and became the first major American publisher of cartographic works. His first atlas was issued in 1794 and his 1795 American edition of Guthrie's work, offered here, was his second atlas publication. Carey's work represents a movement away from reliance on European publishing and the development of an American source to supply printed maps and atlases for the American market . It also represents an American model of map compilation and printing that relied on a cottage industry of independent craftsmen rather than the European model of a large cartographic establishment employing all the activities of cartographic preparation and printing in one workshop. The Library holds a damaged copy of this important atlas, one that is missing the key map of the United States and a portion of the map of Germany. The copy offered here would greatly improve the Library's holdings of resources that document the development of an American map publishing tradition.





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