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Manuscript Estate Plans of Antigua

Collection of seven manuscript estate maps and plans by James H. Baker, the Surveyor General of Antigua, 1821. These estate maps of the property of Peter Langford Brooke, Esq. are of superb quality on heavy-grade paper with color wash and delicate decorative cartouches. The maps contain detailed information about the sugar plantation environment, including field patterns, names of bordering land owners, buildings and their uses, and the location of slave quarters. While estate plans were commonly produced in England during the 17-19th centuries, a much smaller number was produced and even fewer have survived for the plantations in the southeastern United States and Caribbean Islands. Since the Library holds only a few examples of 18th and 19th century estate plans, this acquisition would provide a valuable resource for historical geographers and historians studying the plantation economy and Afro-American settlement patterns.






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