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Collection of Manuscripts Drawn by Lafayette's Cartographer in the Field During the American Revolutionary War

Capitaine, Michel du Chesnoy. Six manuscript maps, various sizes, hand colored: Plan of Carillon ou Ticonderoga (c. 1777); Plan de la retraite de Barren Hill en Pensilvanie (1778); Carte de l'affaire de Monmouth (1778); Plan de Rhode Islande... (1778); Carte des positions occupées par les trouppes Américains après leur retraite de Rhode Island...(1778); and Campagne en Virginie (1781).

The Library of Congress has no original copies of manuscript maps by Capitaine, who was the exceedingly gifted cartographer accompanying Lafayette during his service to America during the Revolutionary War. Our only holdings of his work are facsimile and photostatic copies of two manuscripts, only one of which is in this group of maps, and a copy of one map that was published.

These beautifully colored maps have not been available for use by scholars of eighteenth century America as they have been in private hands since they were created. Although the Geography and Map Division's Revolutionary War collection is legendary and contains the work of many famous cartographers of the time-French, English, German, and American-it does not include a cartographic record of Lafayette's contributions to the American struggle for Independence.

Acquisition of these historic and beautiful manuscript maps would document this "missing link" in the story of the American Revolution. They are part of our national heritage and belong in the Library of Congress.






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