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Unique Photographic Autobiography Featuring Architecture and Gardens

Seventy-one years, or, My life with photography / pictures and text by Samuel H. Gottscho. Four volumes, over 650 photographic prints made under the supervision of Samuel Gottscho from original negatives; manuscript text by Samuel H. Gottscho, ca. 1940.

Samuel H. Gottscho (1875-1971) was one of the outstanding architectural and garden photographers of the twentieth century. Intended for publication, this unique illustrated manuscript documents the history of his eight-decade career in photography, including examples from 1896 to 1968. A winner of the American Institute’s Gold Medal for architectural photography, Gottscho recorded the work of many important architects, landscape architects, and interior designers. His subjects ranged from Rockefeller Center and the New York skyline to resorts in Florida and houses and gardens in many parts of the United States.




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