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Gift of
W. Hallam Webber
& Mrs. Alexandra Szyk Bracie

Masterpieces of Illuminated Americana by Arthur Szyk

Declaration of Independence of United States
Bill of Rights
& Four Freedoms Prayer

The Library has received as recent Gifts to the Nation three of the most important original works created by Polish American illustrator Arthur Szyk (1894-1951). Szyk came to international prominence during World War II when he produced hundreds of anti-Axis illustrations and cartoons in aid of the Allied war effort. Throughout his career he created art in the service of human rights and civil liberties; in his native Poland, in Paris where he was trained during the 1920s, and in America, the country he adopted in 1941, saying, "At last, I have found the home I have always searched for. Here I can speak of what my soul feels. There is no other place on earth that gives one the freedom, liberty and justice that America does."





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