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John Bull and Uncle Sam

The exhibition, John Bull and Uncle Sam, is a joint project of the Library of Congress and the British Library. It brings together for the first time treasures from the two greatest libraries in the English-speaking world in an exploration of selected time periods and cultural movements that illuminate the relationship of the United States and Great Britain. The Library of Congress and The British Library are unique among world cultural institutions in their range (more than 200 million items in the combined collections) and depth. Much of the material in the exhibition never has been displayed in either country, and some of the rarest and most valued objects from each collection traveled across the Atlantic for the first, and possibly only, time. The exhibition opened at the Library of Congress, November 17, 1999, and closed on March 4, 2000. An opening at the British Library in 2002 is planned.

To illuminate the interwoven history of the two nations from the earliest British settlement in Virginia to the present, the exhibition examines exploration and settlement; war, both as enemies and allies; language and literature; science and technology; reform movements; and popular culture. By focusing on these areas, the exhibition demonstrates the extraordinary cross-fertilization that laid the foundation for the "special relationship" between the two nations in the last half of the twentieth century.








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