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World Treasures of the Library of Congress

In the spring of the year 2000, the Library of Congress will mount a major exhibition of top treasures from its international collections. Beautiful and historic manuscripts, maps, music, prints, films and drawings from all over the world and spanning 3000 years of history will come together in a stunning overview of human creativity and the rich and diverse cultures that have found a place in America. This will be the first “top treasures”exhibition based on the Library’s incomparable foreign collections which account for nearly seventy percent of the Library’s 115 million items.

World Treasures of the Library of Congress will be mounted in the newly restored exhibition gallery of historic Jefferson Building on Capitol Hill where currently the American Treasures exhibition is on display. It is the natural sequel to this successful exhibit, funded by the Xerox Foundation, which has attracted more than a million visitors and is the basis for the popular and permanent on-line Treasures exhibition. As one of the key events of the Library’s Bicentennial in the year 2000, World Treasures of the Library of Congress will be featured in all publicity and media events surrounding this historic occasion.

A variety of related programs will enhance the visitor’s experience and extend the reach of the exhibition to the broadest possible audience. Programs will include a series of rare foreign film presentations, concerts of world music in the Library’s newly restored “acoustically perfect” Coolidge Auditorium, family programs in the summer months that help visitors find their cultural roots in the exhibition and in the Library’s collections, and special programs coordinated with cultural and diplomatic events throughout the Washington area and beyond. World Treasures of the Library of Congress will also be permanently accessible in electronic form on the Library’s website on the Internet.








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