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Elsa Cross is the author of 20 books of poetry, including "Jaguar," inspired by ancient sites and symbols of Mexico, and "Espirales," which features selected poems published from 1965 to 1999; and the trilogy: "Los sueños (Elegías)," "Ultramar (Odas)" and "El vino de las cosas (Ditirambos)." Her latest collection is "Cuaderno de Amorgós" (Aldus, 2007). She is a recipient of several awards, including the Premio Nacional de Poesía Nacional Aguascalientes, the Jaime Sabines-Gatien International Poetry Prize (2007) and the Xavier Villurrutia Prize (2008), Mexico's most prestigious poetry prize. She holds a professorship at Mexico's National Autonomous University, where she teaches philosophy of religion and comparative mythology.

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Elsa Cross