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Television news journalist and host Leeza Gibbons has been entering America's living rooms for more than 20 years on programs such as "Entertainment Tonight" and "Leeza," her Emmy Award-winning talk show on NBC. She is host of "Leeza at Night," a nightly five-hour music radio program featuring entertainment news and trends, and "What Should You Do?" a dramatic reality series on Lifetime Television for Women that offers empowering, life-saving information about moments of crisis. Her mother's diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease prompted her to form the Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation to educate and inspire others. She has also developed a scrapbooking line, Leeza Gibbons LEGACIES, that provides a system for preserving memories and encourages women to tell stories of their lives. Her recent book "Scrapbooking Traditions" (Meredith, 2005) complements LEGACIES. Gibbons lives in California.

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Leeza Gibbons