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Meg Cabot spent her childhood whiling away the hours reading books in the cool of the local public library. She began writing novels on weekends after graduating with a fine arts degree from Indiana University. She has published more than 30 novels for young readers as well as adults, including "The Princess Diaries" series, "The Mediator" series and "1-800-Where-R-You." Her most recent books (all from HarperCollins) are: "Ready or Not: An All-American Girl" (2005); "Princess in Training" (2005), No. 6 in "The Princess Diaries" series; and "Twilight" (2005), No. 6 in "The Mediator" series. When she is not reliving the horrors of her high school experience, Cabot divides her time between New York and Florida.

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Meg Cabot