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Tim Tingle is an award-winning author and storyteller greatly influenced by his heritage and experience as an Oklahoma Choctaw. He has interviewed and recorded the stories of tribal elders in Texas, Alabama, Mississippi and Oklahoma, in addition to retracing the roots of the Trail of Tears to Choctaw homelands. This research inspired the bulk of his literary works, as stories like “Walking the Choctaw Road,” “Crossing Bok Chitto,” and “Danny Blackgoat, Navajo Prisoner,” are middle-grade novels that deal with the struggles of Native Americans. His latest fictional release for young readers is “How I Became a Ghost” (RoadRunner Press), a story that is told through the lens of a young boy Isaac who “becomes a ghost” on the Trail of Tears and deals with a variety of both tragic and fantasy-like folklore experiences as he travels with a group of interesting comrades in an attempt to help family and friends survive.

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Tim Tingle

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